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Norway in a nutshell

Sognefjord & Nærøyfjord in a nutshell

Experience the beautiful UNESCO-protected Nærøyfjord with its steep mountainsides, hanging valleys, towering peaks and breathtaking waterfalls and travel on the Sognefjord, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord! The Sognefjord & Nærøyfjord in a nutshell tour is the perfect alternative for those longing for the full fjord package!

Surrounded by towering mountains up to 1,700 metres high, the Nærøyfjord is an amazingly beautiful experience. This fjord is one of the best known fjords in Norway and perhaps the most outstanding natural attraction in all of Norway.

The Sognefjord & Nærøyfjord in a nutshell tour includes a fjord cruise on the narrow and beautiful Nærøyfjord and the mighty Sognefjord. While the Nærøyfjord is an UNESCO-protected fjord, the Sognefjord and the area surrounding it is also considered to be among the most beautiful travel destinations in the world.

The tour also includes a train journey on the spectacular Bergen Railway and during the bus trip from Voss to Gudvangen you travel down the steep hair-pin bends of Stalheimskleiva! As well as the fjord cruise on the Sognefjord, the tour also offers a bus ride along the fjord, so you get to experience the mighty Sognefjord from both land and fjord!

This tour can be taken as a day excursion or as a longer journey over several days. You can start your trip from Oslo or Bergen and you can customize your tour by adding hotels and activities along the way.

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Travel tip

Read more about the tour by selecting a starting point from either Bergen or Oslo above. We highly recommend that you take your time during the tour, by staying over in hotels in for example Balestrand, Sogndal or Voss. 

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