Video: Visit Hardangerfjord
Video: Visit Hardangerfjord

The Great Waterfall and Fjord Tour™

Travel through a landscape of majestic mountains, idyllic orchards, and spectacular waterfalls! Experience first-hand the power of Northern Europe’s largest waterfall Vøringsfossen and walk behind the gorgeous Steinsdalsfossen. Your waterfall adventure also includes a fjord cruise on the enchanting Hardangerfjord.

Multiple locations
1 day+
Suitable for all
15.MAI- 02.SEP
Great Waterfall and Fjord Tour

The Hardangerfjord is one of the most captivating fjord regions in Norway. Not only does it offer mighty glaciers, beautiful mountains, and lush orchards, but it also boasts an incredible number of epic waterfalls.

Tour description

Your Great Waterfall and Fjord Tour starts from either Bergen or Voss. From Bergen, you take a comfortable train journey to Voss and continue by bus through the beautiful Espelandsdalen valley to the charming fjord village of Ulvik.

A fjord cruise on the Hardangerfjord takes you from Ulvik to Eidfjord, where you take a sightseeing trip to (literally) the biggest highlight of the day; Vøringsfossen. This mighty waterfall has a drop of 182 meters and is flanked by several stunning lookout points. The lookout points are innovatively designed to let you feel the power of the cascading waters. And if you dare - you can even cross the waterfall on a bridge!

On your way back to Eidfjord there will be a 1 hour stop at the Norwegian Nature Center. This is an exciting experience center for Norwegian nature, climate and environment. From Eidfjord you continue your fjord cruise on the Hardangerfjord. The fjord's sides are covered with several beautiful waterfalls supplying water to fruit orchards producing some of the world's finest ciders.

From Norheimsund you travel back to Bergen, but not before stopping at the family favorite Steinsdalsfossen. This is an amazing waterfall you can actually walk behind

Read more about the tour highlights below and have a great trip!


Tour Highlights

The Vøringsfossen Waterfall

The Vøringsfossen Waterfall is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Norway. The 182-meter tall waterfall is a mighty sight to behold, and the foaming water from the Hardangervidda mountain plateau cascades into the lush Måbødalen valley.

In 2020, a unique stair bridge over the waterfall was opened, which makes it possible to cross the canyon in 99 steps, a walk that is guaranteed to give you some butterflies in your tummy! The bridge, installations, and viewing platforms are great examples of innovative architecture combined with beautiful nature.


The Steinsdalsfossen is located just outside Norheimsund by the Hardangerfjord. The wild and impressive waterfall is quite unique as you can walk behind it without getting wet. Standing «under» the roaring water gives you a real close encounter with nature! The waterfall is one of Norway’s most photographed waterfalls and a popular spot for Instagrammers.

The Steinsdalsfossen was also a favorite of Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany who visited Steinsdalsfossen almost every summer in the early 1900s.

The Hardangerfjord

The 179-kilometer-long Hardangerfjord will spellbind even the most well-traveled tourists. You will experience scenic fjord villages nestled in tradition and heritage, living alongside innovative new industries such as fish farms and hydropower plants.

A visit to Hardanger will surely leave you with long-lasting impressions, as you travel through an area where cultural and natural gems seamlessly merge and abound.

The Bergen Railway

The Bergen Railway is the 500-kilometer-long railway line between Bergen and Oslo. It has several times been named one of the world's best railway experiences. On your journey from Bergen to Voss you will experience fjords, valleys, waterfalls, and stunning nature from the comfort of your seat.

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