Oslofjord Cruise to Christmas Town Drøbak

Enjoy an electric fjord cruise on the Oslofjord to the charming town of Drøbak and get a real sense of a Norwegian summer town. Drøbak is a Norwegian holiday favorite with small wooden houses, cozy shops, and a vibrant town center. Visit the unique House of Christmas with Santa's post office and send home an included Christmas Card to your loved ones. Summer vibes and Christmas spirit, all on a fantastic day tour from Oslo!

1 day+
Suitable for all
12.APR - 30.SEP
Oslofjord Cruise to Christmas Town of Drøbak

Starting from Langkaia harbor in Oslo, an electric fjord cruise takes you out into the Oslofjord, quietly passing historical sites such as Akershus Fortress and Tjuvholmen, as well as more modern and contemporary buildings, like the Opera House and the Barcode district. The boat stops at Oscarsborg island, where you can spend an hour taking in the historic atmosphere. Oscarsborg island is a popular hangout for Norwegians and houses a fortress, a museum, a marina, as well as several restaurants and cafes.

After exploring Oscarsborg, you board a local boat that takes you to Drøbak - an idyllic summer town on the Oslofjord. This charming town has small wooden houses, cozy shops, great beaches, and several excellent cafes and restaurants. 

And did you know that Santa Claus comes from Drøbak? In the center square of Drøbak, you will find a large, yellow wooden house which is the Nordic's only year-round Christmas house! Santa Claus receives around 250.000 letters a year to the postal address 1440 Drøbak! A free Christmas Card is included in the tour booking, so be sure to send it back home with a postage stamp from Santa. 

After spending a couple of hours in charming Drøbak, you return to Oslo in the afternoon. Read more about the tour highlights below!


Tour Highlights


Where the Oslo Fjord is at its narrowest, you will find idyllic Drøbak. With its cozy cobbled streets and beautiful wooden houses, the town is many Norwegians' holiday favorite. Restaurants, shops, and galleries are lined up, and in the summer the town is bustling with life. Secondhand shops and antique sellers, cozy handicrafts stores, and cafes and restaurants serve delicious local food. On the marketplace, you will find the Christmas House with Santa's post office. Drøbak also has loads of beaches, and if you venture along the harbor, you can fish for small crabs or buy delicious fresh shrimps straight from the boats docked here.

The Christmas House- Julehuset

Santa Claus does not come from Rovaniemi or the North Pole - he comes from Drøbak! In recent years, Santa Claus has received approximately 250,000 letters to his postal address, 1440 Drøbak. The yellow, large wooden house on Drøbak square is the Nordic region's only year-round Christmas House and gives you the Christmas spirit - in the middle of summer! All kinds of Christmas decorations are sold here, from Christmas ornaments and candlesticks to napkins and Christmas figurines. If you take the trip down to Drøbak boat harbor, you can snap a picture in front of the famous Santa sign outside the Tourist Office.


Oscarsborg is a gem in the Oslo Fjord and consists of a fortress, a museum, a marina, restaurants, and a hotel. Oscarsborg is a popular hangout for Norwegians during summertime with several beaches and cozy places for picnics. During the summer season, a strolling theatre performance brings the history of the fortress to life, and you can also experience opera performances and concerts here. You can enter the fortress for free and a stroll on the ramparts is a great way of getting an overview of the beautiful Oslofjord.

The Oslofjord

The Oslofjord is 100 km long and extends from Oslo all the way out to Færder Lighthouse. When you cruise out on the fjord from the port of Oslo, you will pass beautiful architecture and historical sites, such as the Opera House, Akershus Fortress, and Tjuvholmen. Onboard the electric boat you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the fjord, while the boat sails past Bygdøy with the great Fram Museum on one side and the inner Oslofjord's idyllic islands on the other. The area along the Oslofjord is a popular holiday destination for Norwegians, and in the summer the fjord and the islands are filled with happy summer guests enjoying life by the sea.


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