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Norway in winter is for vikings, of heritage or in heart. We refer to the season between Sep-April as Viking season. The vikings «stood out from the crowd», and Norway in winter offers you the same. It is an adventure both visual and visceral, and bound to leave you with lasting impressions of snow capped mountains and icy fjords.
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Our tours are suitable for «the action viking» as well as «the sedate viking»; you choose whether to jump headlong into outdoors activities or to spend your expedition watching the winter landscape go by from the comfort of a train or ferry seat. You can choose to enjoy the local food prepared on a bonfire in the snow or in front of a cozy fire at your luxurious hotel. The choice is yours; action-packed or relaxed.

To «go viking» refers to the vikings’ expression for going on a journey or an expedition to foreign lands. For natural reasons, they might not have found the natives of the lands they visited too welcoming, but we assure you, when you go viking in Norway you will feel most welcome! With Fjord Tours you can customize your journey: where to start (Oslo or Bergen), where to stay, what activities to enjoy and how many days you go viking in the fjords.

Norway Winter Tours


Norway in a nutshell® Winter Tour

Norway in a nutshell® Winter Tour

One could claim that Norway’s most popular tour during the winter season is even more special. You will ride the Flåm Railway through the snow covered Flåm Valley with frozen waterfalls to the Myrdal mountain station. The fjord cruise through Norway’s most unique fjord landscape is sure to leave a lasting impression as well - with the narrow UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord as a highlight.

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Sognefjord in a nutshell Winter tour

Sognefjord in a nutshell Winter tour

The «king of the fjords», Sognefjord is even more majestic during the the winter season. The fjord is Norway’s longest and deepest and extends more than 200 km inland. It is enveloped with exceptional natural beauty. This tour offers a truly serene experience with a cruise on icy waters and a ride on the Flåm Railway line ascending to the snow covered mountain. 

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Hardangerfjord in a nutshell Winter tour

Hardangerfjord in a nutshell Winter Tour

This is our most interactive winter tour as you will also get to experience how Norwegians have fun, in the snow, during winter and enjoy a traditional homemade Norwegian meal in a cozy lavvu - a traditional abode. You will also get to go on a guided trip to the impressive Vøringsfossen waterfall. Do we need to say that the cruise on the Hardangerfjord is a special winter experience?

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Viking Activities

Make sure not to miss out on adding some viking flavored experiences to your trip: perhaps a visit to the Gudvangen viking village or a «viking dinner» at the Ægir brewery in Flåm. 

You will find the activities that can be included in your chosen tour and add the ones that fit your travel schedule in our Travel Planner when booking.

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