Photo: Joar Aga

Cider tour in the Hardangerfjord

Experience local flavors and a fantastic fjord landscape on a Cider trip in Hardanger from Lofthus or Odda! The trip combines a fantastic fjord cruise on the Hardangerfjord with electric Vision of the Fjords and side tasting on one of the many orchards along the fjord. You choose where you want to start the trip from and which farm you want to visit.

Multiple locations
4 hours +
Suitable for all
4.JUN - 31.AUG
Cider Experiences in Hardanger

On the cider experiences in Hardanger, you travel straight into the fruit- and fjord landscape where the famous ciders from Hardanger are produced, and you can choose between 3 well-known fruit- and cider farms.

Tour description

You start the tour with a fantastic fjord cruise on the Hardangerfjord with the electric Vision of the Fjords. The fjord cruise alone is an experience in itself and from the large and open decks you can enjoy a quiet and pleasant trip across the beautiful Hardangerfjord with a view of the mighty Folgefonna glacier and lush orchards.

Aga Sideri
Aga Sideri is a cider manufacturer that produces some of the finest cider available in Norway, perhaps even in the world! In 2019, the cider "Bøddel" (Executioner) won the award "Norway's best cider". At the Aga Sideri you will learn more about how traditional Hardanger cider is made and you will get 3 tastings. On the Tour from Lofthus you will get lunch included at Aga Sideri.

Åkre Gård
If you want to get better acquainted with the local cider Edel, you can choose to join Åkre Gård at Nå. The farm started with cider production in 2020, but has produced tasty apple juice for a long time. Surrounded by fruit distillates in French and American oak barrels, you can enjoy tasting various ciders made from the best apples grown on the farm and in Hardanger.

The third cider farm you can choose from on our Cider Experiences in Hardanger, is Hardangergutane on Børve, one of Norway's oldest and largest fruit districts. On the farm, cider and apple juice are produced completely without additives. Great emphasis is placed on both taste and the visuals, which make sure that you will have an unforgettable and varied taste experience with the creative Hardangergutane.

Starting point and route 

You can start the trip from Odda or Lofthus and choose which orchard you want to visit on the trip.

Explore more

Wherever you decide to travel from, we recommend that you spend some extra time in Hardanger once you are here. In Lofthus you have the opportunity to walk the popular Queen´s trail and in Odda you can climb a Via Ferrata to the view icon Trolltunga! There are many great hotels in Hardanger and several exciting activities