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Cider Tour in The Hardangerfjord

Experience local tastes and a magnificent fjord landscape on a cider tour to Hardanger! Start from Bergen or Oslo and travel to beautiful Hardanger where you can taste a variety of locally produced ciders. The tour includes a guided tour to a cider factory where will learn how the famous Norwegian cider is made. As well as several samples you will also be treated to a great meal in the Aga Farm!

The Cider Tour in the Hardangerfjord is a journey into the heart of Norway's stunning fjord landscape and lush fruit orchards. Known as "the queen of the fjords", the Hardangerfjord has no shortage of scenic gems. Here you will experience towering mountains, dramatic waterfalls, fascinating glaciers, and lush fruit orchards.

Feast Your Eyes on Scenic Gems

Starting from Bergen you first set out on a scenic train journey to Voss on the Bergen Railway. Upon arrival in Voss, you board a bus that will take you over the mountains and down to Lofthus, a beautiful village located in the heart of the Hardangerfjord. 

Lofthus and the surrounding area is known as the "orchard of Hardanger" and it is in this beautiful setting that you start your fjord cruise. During your fjord cruise, you will have great views of the Folgefonna glacier, the towering mountains above the Hardangerfjord and the lush fruit farms and blossoming trees on both sides of the fjord.

Cider Tour & Lunch

When you arrive at Aga you disembark the boat and a guide will meet you as you step off the boat. Your guide will then take you on a tour of Aga Sideri, a cider manufacturer that produces some of the finest cider available in Norway, perhaps even in the world! At the factory, you will learn how traditional Hardanger Sider is made and you will, of course, get the chance to sample the different ciders! Note that the legal drinking age in Norway is 18 years and that there will be non-alcoholic options available.

Now that you have learned how cider is made and treated yourself to a couple of tasty samples, a delicious lunch will be served in the fascinating Agatunet Village. The lunch menu will consist of locally sourced ingredients with a focus on fresh produce. You will also be treated to a guided tour in historic Agatunet, one of the few remaining farm clusters in Norway. 

After the lunch and guided tours, you get back on the fjord cruise boat to Lofthus and continue by express boat on the beautiful Hardangerfjord to Norheimsund. From Norheimsund you board a bus which will then take you back to Bergen. Shortly after departing Norheimsund you will have a view to cascading Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall and scenic highland nature.

Starting from Oslo?

If you choose to start this tour from Oslo you travel to Voss by train and join the tour from there. If you are going back to Oslo after the Cider Tour you travel from Bergen by train over the mountains after an overnight stay in Bergen. 

Travel tip

This tour can be done as a day tour from Bergen but requires an overnight stay along the route if you start from Oslo. We highly recommend spending some time extra in the Hardangerfjord region once you are there! There are several beautiful hotels in Hardanger and a lot of activities you can add to the tour. You will also have opportunities to purchase some cider to bring back home if you want. 

Have a great (and tasty) trip!

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