RIB-boat tour to Finnabotn with Lunch & Cider Tasting

Want to experience an unknown gem in the Sognefjord and get a taste of the sparkling cider from Sogn? We take you on a fun RIB boat trip to the hidden gem Finnabotnen in the Sognefjord, the unique fjord village that can not be reached by car. After the tour, you will be given a local food experience at Ciderhuset in Balestrand where you can taste the local cider and enjoy a delicious lunch with local flavors from Sogn.

6 hours +
Suitable for all
20.MAY - 01.SEP

Finnafjorden is the smallest of the fjord arms in the Sognefjord, but perhaps also the most special. Almost inaccessible, the fjord lies there without road connection and only a narrow strait before it widens inwards towards Finnabotn. Here the mountains plunge straight into the fjord. Synnøve Finden, one of the most famous cheese producers in Norway, was born and raised here.

Tour description

Your tour starts at the Tourist Information Office in Balestrand where you meet your captain and are fitted with all the gear you need for the RIB-boat trip. After suiting up and a quick safety briefing, you are ready for a fun boat ride on the Sognefjord!

Together with your guide you head out on the fjord, through narrow straits, and reach a fantastic geographical formation, a kind of "fjord in the fjords", surrounded by fantastic mountains. This is Finnabotn. Few have visited the place, but those who have, will not forget it. During the tour, you will see the majestic Kvinnefossen waterfall and the famous 22-meter high statue of the Viking hero Fridtjof. There will also be several stops along the way, including Kvamsøy Island where you can see the medieval church built in the 13th century. On each of the stops, your guide will tell you about the history of the area and supply facts about the things you will see.

Taste of Sogn

Back in Balestrand after a fantastic fjord experience, Ciderhuset (The Cider House) is the next stop on your tour. From the quay, in Balestrand you walk 20 minutes through the beautiful fjord landscape up to Ciderhuset where the friendly hosts welcome you and will give you a short tour. Together with your guide, you learn the basics of growing apples and the local traditions, from the 1100s to today.

Then you step into the Cider House, where you get to taste your way through five ciders and learn that apples are more than just apples. You will get acquainted with the whole spectrum of tastes: sweet dessert apples, acidic cooking apples, and bitter cider apples. You sample your way through five unique styles, from light and easy “veranda cider” to heavy tannin-infused cider, best drunk alongside bold and savory dishes. A small locally produced dish served on a plank will accompany each sider and this will give you a truly unique lunch experience! The cider tasting is also available with juice.

Explore more

You can combine this tasteful experience with a night in Balestrand in one of our hotels and join in on a fjord cruise to Fjærland the next day. On this tour, you can visit the glacier museum and take a trip up to Bøyabreen glacier, a branch of the Jostedalsbreen glacier. The glacier bus returns to Fjærland quay, and the sightseeing boat brings you back to Balestrand. You can easily add this exciting day trip to your booking. More info here.