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Legendary Lofoten

Explore one of the most spectacular destinations in Norway! Exciting outdoor activities, fantastic mountain hikes, idyllic fishing villages and urban experiences await you in the amazing Lofoten Islands!
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Legendary Lofoten

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Lofoten is one of the most spectacular destinations in all of Norway. With idyllic fishing villages, a vibrant coastal landscape, exciting activities, and outdoor experiences in magnificent scenery, it is no wonder that Lofoten is a favorite destination for Norwegians! On this tour, you will experience beautiful Arctic Lofoten in a simple, comfortable, and easy way, without the need for your own car.

The Lofoten archipelago is one of the few inhabited areas of the world where human intervention in nature and landscape has been minimal. In many places, these islands on the northwest coast of Norway still look like they did thousands of years ago. This has contributed in making this area popular with anyone who wants to experience authentic coastal culture as well as stunning natural scenery.

Svolvær - The urban gateway to Lofoten

You start your adventure to Lofoten by taking a speedboat from Bodø to Svolvær, a trip that takes just over three hours. From Bodø you pass narrow straits, cozy fishing villages and Landegode Island, before setting out in the Vestfjord towards Svolvær. On the boat trip, you get views of the Steigen Mountains in the east and the Lofoten Islands in the west and you arrive in Svolvær during the evening, basking in the warm rays of the midnight sun!

Svolvær is the largest town in Lofoten and is known for its spectacular location, its fantastic scenery, unique outdoor experiences, and its urban life. The town is surrounded by fantastic mountain formations and peaks, where the most famous (and photographed) being "Svolværgeita". Although Svolvær is just a small town, it is "surprisingly" urban with a wide variety of bars and restaurants. You will also find several exciting excursions and activities you can do in Svolvær.

After one or more days in Svolvær, you travel by bus south through Lofoten's spectacular scenery and landscape. On the tour, you can relax and enjoy a landscape of mighty peaks, idyllic islands, and views of the magnificent Norwegian Sea. After a 3-hour long bus ride, full of contrasts and impressions, you arrive in the idyllic village of Reine.

Reine - Authentic and majestic

Reine is an authentic and vibrant fishing village in Lofoten known for its scenic location on the North Sea and the majestic Lofoten Alps. The picturesque fishing village is the perfect base for anyone wanting to explore Lofoten.

Many of the best hiking trips in Lofoten can be started from Reine and you can even have trouble choosing what to do during your days here! We recommend a midnight sun kayaking trip, or a fantastic hike to Reinebringen. This mountain hike leads up to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the whole of Lofoten with epic panoramic views of the Reinefjord and the Lofoten Wall!

After two or more nights in Reine, a short bus ride takes you to Moskenes where a ferry will take you back to your starting point in Bodø. On the four-hour ferry ride, you can enjoy the view and digest the impressions of your own adventure in Lofoten. As the famous Norwegian author Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson said in 1869:

You have not seen real nature until you have been to Northern Norway, and most beautiful of all is Lofoten! 

Travel tip

Lofoten has unique opportunities for experiences and recreation in the magnificent scenery and we highly recommend that you take your time during the tour. You can easily add exciting activities and idyllic accommodations by pressing the "+" button when booking the tour. If you want to make the trip extra special - bring a hammock or tent and spend the nights in the magnificent scenery!

Have a great trip!

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