Lofoten Islands in a nutshell

Situated above the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten archipelago offers dramatic, imposing beauty everywhere you look. In Lofoten, you will find steep mountains, white sandy beaches, cozy fishing villages, and an authentic way of life. All is ready for you to enjoy - under the alluring Midnight Sun.

Multiple locations
3 days+
Suitable for all
15.JUN- 15.AUG
Legendary Lofoten

If you're looking for a unique holiday destination this summer, Lofoten is the place for you. On this self-guided tour, you will experience a vibrant coastal culture and breathtaking scenery in a sustainable way. Skip the hassle of renting and driving a car, and travel comfortably in a modern low-emission bus instead!

Tour description

Your Lofoten adventure starts in Svolvær, Lofoten's biggest town. From here you travel southwards on the archipelago to the charming fishing village of Henningsvær. Explore the authentic surroundings, enjoy lunch and sample some of the local delicacies! The bus will also stop at Skagsanden, one of Lofoten's most gorgeous beaches.

The tour continues on to Reine, located between the rugged North Sea and the majestic Lofoten Alps. Reine is often described as Lofoten’s most scenic village and is the perfect base for anyone wanting to explore Lofoten on hikes, kayaking trips, or fishing expeditions. Here, you stay in comfortable, authentic, and traditional “rorbuer”, charming cabins by the sea.

For hikers, we recommend the hike up to Reinebringen, arguably the best lookout point in Lofoten! Or perhaps you would like to venture out on the water on a stunning Midnight Sun kayaking trip?

After one or more nights in Reine, you continue by bus to Nusfjord, a secluded and tranquil fishing village. A visit to Nusfjord is perhaps one of the most authentic ways to experience traditional Lofoten. Taking a stroll in the little village feels like walking inside a museum where people actually live!

The tour then continues back to Svolvær, where you end your journey or travel on to your preferred endpoint.

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Tour Highlights


Svolvær is the largest town in Lofoten and is known as the gateway to Lofoten. This is the first place you arrive at when entering the Lofoten Islands. Surrounded by breathtaking mountain peaks, there are endless opportunities to experience the dramatic landscape. There are also several exciting nature activities on offer, as well as cafes, restaurants, and shopping. Svolvær is the main center for art and artists in Northern Norway and home to the North Norwegian Art Centre.


Henningsvær is one of the most colorful and charming fishing villages on the islands and is often called the “Venice of Lofoten”. A stroll in Henningsvær offers distinctive, small cafes, cozy shops with local products, as well as many and varied galleries. The village has also the most well-preserved architecture of traditional Norwegian villages. You might have seen pictures of Henningsvær’s football field as it is quite famous for its spectacular location right by the sea, surrounded by beautiful islands.


Nusfjord is a small traditional fishing village and is one of the most picturesque spots on Lofoten islands. The village is scattered with charming red and yellow fisherman cabins, known as rorbuer. A visit to Nusfjord gives you the feeling of going back in time. Here you get to experience a traditional fishing village, with fishing skates, dried fish racks, and a general store that dates back to 1907. The store has been preserved just as it was back then, with buckets hanging from the ceiling, a long counter, and an old till.


One of the main reasons for visiting Reine in Lofoten is its breathtaking surroundings and landscape. This tiny fishing village consists of several small islands connected by bridges. Reine is a perfect base for adventures in Lofoten nature. We’d recommend using a kayak to get up close to the islands or take a hike up to the popular Reinebringen. This route leads to one of the most beautiful viewpoints on all Lofoten Islands: an epic panorama of Reinefjorden and the Lofoten Wall.

The Midnight sun

When visiting the Lofoten islands during the summer season, you can experience the magical Midnight sun. This remarkable natural phenomenon occurs only at certain times of the year and very close to the Arctic. Norway is one of the few countries where you can actually experience the Midnight sun. Lofoten Islands is a perfect place to visit to witness this unique phenomenon where sunsets merge into the sunrise with no darkness in between.

Recommended activities during this tour

Please note that certain activities depends on season, availability and travel route. Some activities may require overnight stays during your tour.


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