Trolltunga Hike & Local food with Cider

Leave the car and take the shuttle bus up to the starting point for the spectacular mountain trip to Trolltunga. Trolltunga is one of the country's most famous "view icons" and is located 1100 meters above sea level with a fantastic view of Ringedalsvatnet. After the trip, a 5-course "plank" with local food and cider from Hardanger awaits!

1 day+
24.JUN - 03.SEP

On this great hiking experience, you can easily get to the starting point for the epic trip to Trolltunga. The shuttle bus from Odda brings you up to Skjeggedal and after the hike, the bus brings you back to Odda where a tasty 5-course menu is served with the famous cider from Hardanger!

Tour description

The hike up to Trolltunga starts from Skjeggedal and you walk in high mountain terrain. The hike is challenging, so you should be in good shap and have proper hiking equipment.

The path to the Trolltunga is solid, and there are marked signs along the route. The hike through high-mountain terrain up to Trolltunga is long and demanding, but you are rewarded with magnificent views.  From the main trailhead in Skjeggedal, the round-trip hike is 28 km with an ascent of almost 800 meters. 

Taste of Hardanger  
After a spectacular hike to Trolltunga, your appetite will be at its peak. Safely back in Odda, a tasty 5-course meal awaits, served with locally produced cider at Trolltunga Hotell. This wonderful platter of food is a great combination of salty, sweet, and fresh ingredients that will be served in the restaurant. This is a culinary experience that will give you a long-lasting impression, especially when you get a taste of real Hardanger cider in combination with selected ingredients. A perfect end to an exciting day!

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You can combine this experience with a night at Trolltunga Hotel and the day after taking a cider tour in Hardanger. This trip includes a fantastic fjord cruise on the majestic Hardangerfjord and cider tasting at one of the Cider farms along the fjord. Read more here