The Queen´s Trail & Cider from Hardanger

Want to experience the "Queen´s Trail" and taste the famous Cider from Hardanger? We organize the transport and will give you a taste of Hardanger with cider tasting and Hardanger tapas after the hike! You take the shuttle bus from Lofthus to Røte and the starting point for the unforgettable trip.

1 day+
Suitable for all
14.MAY - 28.AUG

HM Queen Sonja of Norway is a passionate mountain hiker, and this is one of her favorite hikes in the Hardangerfjord region and the trail is named after her. The hike is in the high mountains between Kinsarvik and Lofthus and offers magnificent fjord views and you will walk through forests, high mountains, and lush orchards. 

Tour description

You start the trip with a shuttle bus from Lofthus to Røte. The hike begins at Røte ("Velteplassen"), which is located 6 kilometers north of Hotel Ullensvang (between Lofthus and Kinsarvik), and you continue up to 890 meters above sea level where the marked path starts.

The local Lion’s Club has marked the route following instructions from H.M. Queen Sonja. Panorama is a perfect description of the view in all its glory, with a view of the Sørfjord, Odda, Folgefonna glacier, the Hardanger bridge, and Eidfjord. You will also get a view of the small villages Kvanndal and Utne, and the fjord towards Kinsarvik. Parts of the trail consist of 616 steps made by local monks that started in 1210 and were completed in 1537, now known as the Monk Stairs. In 2018, the "Rjukande Bridge" was opened by H.M. Queen Sonja and with this, a fantastic hiking area opened up south from the "Queens Trail". The bridge provides an alternative to the Monk Stairs on the way down to the fjord. Enjoy the magnificent view in a beautiful hiking terrain on the south side of the Opo river to Skrikjo and down to Stuasetet. From there you go down the stairs at Kråkestien.

Taste of Hardanger
Safely back in Lofthus, you will be served a Ciderplattern together with a Hardanger tapas! The unique 4-course Cider- & food menu match four courses of local food from Lofthus in combination with four different varieties of Ciders from Hardanger. Taste minced meat steak with potato cake, cured meats, local sausage, smoked salmon, and "veiled farmer´s girl" (Norwegian specialty) for dessert.

The Cider plank is of course also available without alcohol or as a vegetarian, and there will also be an own Ciderplattern for children where the children get to taste exciting dishes in combination with local drinks!

Explore more? Fjord Cruise og Cider tasting in Hardanger

You can combine this experience with a stay in Lofthus at the legendary Hotel Ullensvang and the next day take a fjord cruise on the Hardangerfjord and visit cider producers with in-house cider tasting and lunch. You can easily add this tasteful short holiday to your booking with us. More info here.


Enjoy the trip!