Photo: Terje Rakke /Nordic Life /Helgeland Reiseliv /Visithelgeland.Com

Helgeland and the Arctic Circle

Experience the beautiful Helgeland coast with its stunning landscape of sculptural mountains and thousands of islands. On this trip you can experience this unique coastal pearl in a simple, comfortable and efficient way, without a car!

1 day+
Suitable for all
04 JUN - 22 AUG

Thousands of islands, islets and reefs, narrow fjords, and steep mountains await you on this magical trip along Helgeland, one of the world's most beautiful coastal areas.

Tour description

Your coastal adventure starts with a pleasant boat trip from Bodø to Sandnessjøen.

South of Bodø along the Helgeland Coast you can experience a breathtaking landscape with mighty mountains and thousands of islands. Mountains rise above the flat archipelago in beautiful, characteristic formations and here you will find some of Norway's most beautiful and famous mountains.

The boat arrives at Sandnessjøen and you continue further by bus to Mosjøen, a small cultural-historical town that has a lot to offer in terms of activities and experiences. After one or more days in Mosjøen, you return to Bodø by train over the scenic Saltfjellet mountain. Along the way, you pass the magical Arctic Circle, which runs through Helgeland and acts as the frontier for the Arctic kingdom of the midnight sun and the dark months.

Starting points and travel options 

The trip starts from Bodø and can be taken as a round trip from Bodø to the Helgeland Coast and back. You choose the length and which activities to fit into your itinerary.