Video: Visit Hardangerfjord
Video: Visit Hardangerfjord

Hardangerfjord in a nutshell™

As one of Norway’s most popular tourist destinations since the beginning of the 19th century, the Hardangerfjord region is filled with a wide variety of impressive highlights! Idyllic fjord landscapes, lush fruit and cider farms, mighty mountains with dramatic waterfalls and powerful glaciers are just some of the highlights to look forward to!

Multiple locations
2 days+
Suitable for all
15.MAY - 02.SEP
Hardangerfjord in a nutshell

Explore the colorful and majestic Hardangerfjord - All in one tour from Bergen or Oslo! Travel effortlessly and comfortably by boat, fjord cruise, bus, and train, and experience everything the Hardangerfjord is known for:

  • Idyllic fjord landscapes
  • Lush fruit farms producing world-famous ciders
  • Mighty mountains
  • Powerful glaciers
  • Dramatic waterfalls
  • The spectacular Trolltunga

Journey through an unforgettable landscape 

When you visit the Hardangerfjord region, it's easy to understand why this region has been one of Norway’s most popular tourist destinations since the beginning of the 19th century. 

What’s unique about the Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell tour, is the wide variety of highlights you will experience.

On the boat trip between Bergen and Rosendal, you will experience the raw and beautiful coastal scenery of Western Norway. In Rosendal you can visit Scandinavia's smallest castle with its 60-acre Victorian landscape park, while in Odda, you can add a hike to the spectacular Trolltunga.

Admire the majestic nature on a fjord cruise

During the cruise on the Hardangerfjord, you can jump off to wander through one of the lush fruit orchards dotted along the fjord. The cider in Hardanger has won a number of international awards in recent years, so be sure to visit one of the farms for some cider tasting!

The tour also includes a visit to the Norwegian Nature Centre, the dramatic Vøringsfossen waterfall, and a ride across the wild and beautiful Hardangervidda mountain plateau.

You will stay overnight in the charming fjord village of Ulvik, beautifully situated by the fjord and a perfect place to enjoy splendid nature and local cultural experiences.

Read more about the highlights below!

Tour Highlights

The Hardangerfjord

The 179-kilometer-long Hardangerfjord will spellbind even the most well-traveled tourists. You will experience scenic fjord villages nestled in tradition and heritage, living alongside innovative new industries such as fish farms and hydropower plants.

A visit to Hardanger will surely leave you with long-lasting impressions, as you travel through an area where cultural and natural gems seamlessly merge and abound.

The Vøringsfossen Waterfall

The Vøringsfossen Waterfall is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Norway. The 182-meter tall waterfall is a mighty sight to behold, and the foaming water from the Hardangervidda mountain plateau cascades into the lush Måbødalen valley.

In 2020, a unique stair bridge over the waterfall was opened, which makes it possible to cross the canyon in 99 steps, a walk that is guaranteed to give you some butterflies in your tummy! The bridge, installations, and viewing platforms are great examples of innovative architecture combined with beautiful nature.

Fruit farms in Hardanger

Hardanger is famous for its many fruit farms and visitors from all over the world travel to Hardanger to witness the amazing fruit blossoming in May and June. The Norwegian microclimate in Hardanger is perfect for growing a huge variety of fruit in flourishing orchards. The fjord is of great value for the farms since it reflects light onto the steep slopes, which helps fruit to grow and keeps the climate cooler during the summer. We highly recommend that you visit a fruit- and cider farm while in Hardanger, where you can learn more about cider production and get to taste the award-winning Hardanger Cider!

Hardangervidda mountain plateau

The Hardangervidda mountain plateau is Norway's largest National Park, and a journey over the beautiful and untouched wilderness landscape is filled with contrast. With vast arrays of mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls, Hardangervidda is a very popular area to explore.

The mountain plateau is located above the alpine tree line and has a distinctively alpine climate with reindeer herds among the largest in the world. The fjords, mountains, and marked trails make the Hardangervidda National Park a perfect place for the active nature lover. 

West Coast Cruise

On the boat between Bergen and Rosendal, you travel along the raw coastal scenery of Norway's West Coast. This boat is a comfortable, modern, and spacious vessel, and during the trip, you will have excellent views of the beautiful, untamed landscapes passing by.

Enjoy a cup of coffee from the inside lounge with large viewing windows, or venture out on the large outdoor deck to take in even more magnificent views. There is a kiosk onboard selling snacks, light meals, and cold/hot drinks. While in Rosendal you can stop by the Folgefonn Center offering interactive exhibitions on the Folgefonna National Park.


Every traveler is unique - Just like our Nutshell Tours

With our unique booking tool, you can personalize your Nutshell Tour. During the booking process, you can easily extend the tour and combine it with experiences and hotels along the route. We recommend local food and cider tastings, but feel free to explore your options and the amazing activities in the Hardangerfjord’s unforgettable landscape.

One of the most popular activities you can add to this tour is a hike to Trolltunga. This Instagram icon is one of Norway's most photographed places. Whether you want the standard tour or personalize it by adding activities and hotels is up to you. Just pick what’s best for you, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Recommended activities during the tour

Please note that certain activities depends on season, availability and travel route. Some activities may require overnight stays during your tour.


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