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Geirangerfjord in a nutshell

Geirangerfjord and Norway in a nutshell® from Bergen

Experience the UNESCO World Heritage fjords Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjorden, a costal cruise with Hurtigruten and the popular Norway in a nutshell® tour.

This trip gives you a extensive overview of all the best Norway has to offer, including visiting two of Norway’s most beautiful fjords, the Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord; both included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The tour requires overnight stays in Ålesund and Oslo and can be taken from Bergen as a round trip with return to Bergen.

Geirangerfjord and Norway in a nutshell® tour from Bergen

You start your tour in Bergen on the popular Norway in a nutshell® tour, which takes you through some of Norway's most beautiful fjord scenery. You will experience the scenic Bergen Railway, the Aurlandsfjord and the narrow Nærøyfjord on a fjord cruise and the breathtaking Flåm Railway. From Myrdal you take the Bergen Railway across the country to the capital Oslo, where you have one (or more) overnight stays, depending on your wishes.

From Oslo you travel on the Dovrebanen Railway through impressive valley and mountain regions to Dombås. The trip continues from Dombås on the Raumabanen Railway, one of Norway's most beautiful and wild stretches of railway. The journey on the Raumabanen will take you over the Kylling bridge and past the vast and impressive Trollveggen cliff. A bus will be waiting for you in Åndalsnes to take you to the Art Nouveau city of Ålesund where you can stay one or several nights, depending on your wishes.

The trip continues with a fjordcruise on the magical Geirangerfjord with Hurtigruten. During the shoulder season you return to Ålesund by Hurtigruten. If you choose to travel in the high season, the return-trip to Ålesund from Geiranger is done by bus on the impressive Eagle Road. You may choose to spend another night in Ålesund or travel with the Hurtigruten to Bergen the same evening. The Hurtigruten sails south along the western coast of Norway and makes several stops in small villages and cities along the way. The cruise will give you a real impression and extensive overview of the remarkable Norwegian coastline. You spend one night onboard the Hurtigruten before arriving in Bergen.  

Travel tip

The Geirangerfjord and Norway in a nutshell® tour is of one of our longest trips. It will take you through some of the best sights that Norway has to offer, and there are several opportunities for activities and overnight stays along the route. By adding overnight stays, you can take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery, or partake in varied and exciting activities. There are loads of options for activities and hotels along the route.

Everything is handled through Fjord Tours in one easy booking operation, starting on this page.

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Recommended activities during this tour

Please note that certain activities depends on season, availability and travel route. Some activities may require overnight stays during your tour.

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Transfer points on the Geirangerfjord & Norway in a nutshell® trip

Bergen: The train departs from Bergen railway station.

Voss: Change from train to bus or vice versa. The bus to/from Gudvangen arrives/departs at Voss Railway Station. The bus is located outside the railway station. Please look for the bus with sign for Norway in a nutshell®/Gudvangen.

Gudvangen: Change from bus to boat or vice versa. The bus for the Norway in a nutshell® park next to the harbour and connect with the tourist boat/fjord boat. Please look for the bus with sign for Norway in a nutshell®/Voss at the harbour.

Flåm: The fjordcruise boat terminal is situated next to the railway station. The fjordcruise boat for Norway in a nutshell® departs from pier no.1.

Myrdal: Change train for the Flåm Railway or for the Bergen Railway. The trains are located next to each other.

Oslo: The train departs from the Oslo Central Railway Station (Oslo S).

Dombås: Change from the Dovrebanen Railway to the Rauma Railway. Only 1 min. to walk.

Åndalsnes: Change from train to bus. The bus is waiting outside the railway station. Please look for bus with sign for Ålesund.

Ålesund: Hurtigruten departs from Skansekaia.

Geiranger: Bus from Geiranger to Ålesund in the period 21/6-31/8. Change from Hurtigruten to bus. The bus departs from the harbour in Geiranger.

Note: You will of course receive a booking confirmation from us with a detailed itinerary for the tour you have selected.

Where can I leave my luggage in Ålesund when I am on the Geirangerfjord cruise?

You can leave your luggage at the hotel you stay at in Ålesund. They have storage place for luggage. You have time collect your luggage again before the Hurtigruten departs from Ålesund.

Are the tours guided?

No, there is no guide on our tours. You travel on your own by following the travel itinerary. The connections are all within close proximity of each other for easy transfer. Stops are always announced over the speakers.

New for 2017: In 2017 we will arrange guided Norway in a nutshell® & Hardangerfjord in a nutshell group tours! These tours starts and ends in Bergen and will be available only on selected dates. The tours includes overnight stays, extra sightseeing trips and an English guide. Read more about these special edition tours HERE.

Can I cancel a trip booked online?

Trips bought online, can only be cancelled if you have bought the cancellation protection together with your trip. The cancellation protection is not a travel insurance. You can only use it if you need to cancel your trip and reason for cancelling is covered by this. If you need a full travel insurance, please contact an insurance company in your country.

Read more about the cancellation protection here.

Information about luggage service and transportation

For questions about our luggage service and transportation of luggage during tours you can READ MORE HERE. Go to the heading "Luggage service and transportation".

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