Photo: Robin Strand

Christmas in Norway is something truly special. The cold climate and crisp fresh air creates the perfect environment for lifting your Christmas spirit and setting you in a calm Christmas mood. There are several exciting and fun things to do in Norway during the Christmas season, with Christmas Markets, seasonal culinary delights on offer and fascinating Christmas traditions on display. Two prime exponents of the Norwegian Christmas spirit are the charming towns of Bergen and Røros. From Bergen you can combine your Christmas visit with one of our fjord tours, while Røros offers a fairy-tale like Christmas setting for even the most fastidious traveler.

Bergen Christmas Town

Bergen is Norway's second largest city and located on Norway's western coast. Traditionally a trading town with roots in shipping and commerce, the city is today often referred to as "the gateway to the fjords". With its fairytale-like architecture and cozy setting between seven scenic mountains, Bergen creates the perfect backdrop for a truly unforgettable Christmas experience. 

During Christmas the city comes alive with Christmas markeds, concerts, shows, celebrations, food festivals and the worlds largest gingerbread city! You will also find that Bergen has some excellent shopping opportunities, so this might be a good place to get ready for Christmas. In any case, a walk around Bergen town during December will definitely put you in the right Christmas mood!

Tours from Bergen this Christmas Season

Norway in a nutshell® Winter Tour

Take the legendary Norway in a nutshell® tour during the Christmas season for a truly unforgettable experience! See breathtaking and UNESCO-protected fjord and mountain scenery and ride the Flåm Railway through the snow covered Flåm Valley.

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Sognefjord in a nutshell Winter Tour

The mighty Sognefjord is exceptional during the the Christmas season! As Norway’s longest and deepest fjord, the Sognefjord extends more than 200 km inland. Experience the beautiful Norwegian winter by taking the Sognefjord in a nutshell Winter Tour.

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Hardangerfjord in a nutshell Winter Tour

Explore the winter scenery in the inner reaches of the beautiful Hardangerfjord this Christmas season!! On this tour you will get to experience how Norwegians have fun during winter with exciting snow activities and enjoy a traditional homemade Norwegian meal in a cozy lavvu!

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Things to do in Bergen this Christmas Season

Places to stay in Bergen this Christmas Season


Røros Christmas Town

Røros is a cozy town with a population of about 3800 people. Traditionally a mining town, the town is today most known for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site with authentic wooden structures and buildings. The towns UNESCO-status, traditional wooden buildings, and cold climate makes it the perfect place for a Christmas adventure in Norway. In Norway, Røros is actually known as a "Christmas-town" as the town pulls out all the stops during Christmas!

In Røros you can experience Norwegian Christmas meals, local Christmas traditions and exciting winter activities. When it comes to Christmas, everything here is in abundance. No wonder either, since the towns scenic setting creates the perfect Christmas frame. Explore the different Christmas Markets, join in on snow activities like dog sledding and horse sled rides, or simply wander around the cozy Christmas Town of Røros!