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Experience Røros, a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site! This traditional mining town offers unique architecture with authentic wooden structures and buildings, as well as an insight into a fascinating and thriving culture. You start this tour from Oslo or Trondheim and return to your starting point after exciting days in the Røros region!

This tour lets you experience the UNESCO world heritage site of Røros, a unique town in Norwegian history and culture. Founded as a mining town in 1644, the architecture and history of the town is something quite different than what you will see elsewhere in Norway.

You start this tour from Oslo with a scenic and relaxing train ride on the Dovre railway. In Hamar, you change trains to the Røros Railway to enjoy a ride through beautiful wilderness in Østerdalen before arriving in the UNESCO town of Røros. Starting from Trondheim, you travel only on the Dovre Railway to Røros and back. 

Røros - Mining Town and World Heritage Site

The World Heritage site Røros, and surrounding landscape include a unique industrial mining town established in 1644, built out of wood and surrounded by a cultural landscape depicting how the copper ore was driven from the mines. The town's placement on top of a mountain plateau, in cold climates with poor growing conditions, created a unique culture, which has been maintained to this day.

There are numerous things to do at Røros, from local food experiences, museums, visits to the old copper mines, activities, dog sledding tours, hiking, and skiing. 

Røros is also famous for its Christmas Market in December, and people from all over the world come to the city to enjoy the market in the unique and "Christmassy" surroundings. You are guaranteed to get in the right Christmas mood when coming here during the holiday season!

Røros also has a lot to offer during the summer season. In Femundsmarka National Park you will find untouched wilderness with great hiking and biking opportunities. Hiking in the open mountain landscape is something truly spectacular with mountain tops offering panoramic 360-degree views of this remarkable area. The cultural calendar is also jammed pack during summer with outdoor plays, guided tours and cultural experiences on offer in Røros town. 

Travel tip

We highly recommend combining this experience with adding an exciting hiking trip, a fun dog sleigh tour or a visit to the old copper mines. See all things to do in Røros HERE.

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