Cider Tour in Hardanger from Odda

Join in on an unforgettable cider tour from Odda and experience local flavors in a picturesque fjord landscape! This trip combines an electric fjord cruise on the mighty Hardangerfjord with cultural insights to historic cluster farm settlements, as well as cheese and cider tasting!

4 hours +
Suitable for all
02.SEP - 23.SEP

"Cider from Hardanger" is a protected origin name, just like Calvados or Champagne. The unique "Hardangersider" has developed over several hundred years and has become an award-winning and high-quality product.

Tour Description

You start this tour with a fantastic fjord cruise on the Hardangerfjord with the electric vessel Vision of the Fjords. The fjord cruise is quite an experience and from the large and open decks, you can enjoy a quiet and scenic trip across the beautiful Hardangerfjord. You can marvel at the mighty Folgefonna glacier or get a slight scent of the lush fruit orchards dotted along the fjord.

Aga Sideri

Upon arrival at Aga, you will be guided up to Agatunet for a tour of this authentic and protected cluster farm. Here, you will receive an insight into the exciting history and culture of this farm settlement and can really feel the buzz of history.

After wandering around in the historic cluster farm, you get to hear the story behind the cider production in Hardanger, as well as tasting 5 different varieties of cider. Cheese and cured meats accompany the different varieties.

As a manufacturer, Aga Sideri produces some of the finest cider available in Norway, perhaps even in the world! In 2019, the cider "Bøddel" (Executioner) won the award "Norway's best cider". 

From Aga, the trip goes back to Odda with a fjord cruise on the Hardangerfjord with Vision of the Fjords.

Explore more

We highly recommend that you spend some extra time in Hardanger once you are here. In Odda you can climb the Via Ferrata to the iconic Trolltunga! There are also many great hotels in Hardanger and several exciting activities