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Cider tour in Hardanger from Bergen

Experience local tastes and a magnificent fjord landscape on a cider tour to Hardanger! This tour includes several cider tastings in the Hardanger, as well as a sustainable fjord cruise with the ultra-modern catamaran Vision of the Fjords. During the tour, you will experience an orchard walk in Lofthus, visit the Norwegian cider champion Aga and learn more about cider and cider production in Norway. You will also be served a delicious lunch at Aga Farm.

1 day+
Suitable for all
03.JUN - 15.AUG
Cider Tour in the Hardangerfjord from Bergen

Did you know that "Cider from Hardanger" or "Hardangersider" is a protected origin name, just like Calvados or Champagne? On the Cidertour in Hardanger you will experience an exciting and tasty tour through a landscape of mighty mountains, dramatic waterfalls, fascinating glaciers, and lush orchards.

Tour description

You start the tour from Bergen with a bus trip to Norheimsund and further on by the express boat to Lofthus, an idyllic fruit village in the heart of the Hardangerfjord. Here you will have an orchard walk, get three cider tastings, and visit the farm shop of Alvavoll Fruit and Sidergard.

After the orchard walk, you board the Vision of the Fjords. The boat runs on electricity and the trip is quite an experience in itself. From the large and open decks, you can enjoy a silent and comfortable trip over the beautiful Hardangerfjord.

You disembark the boat at Aga where you will visit Aga Sideri, a cider manufacturer that produces some of the finest cider available in Norway. At the cider farm, you will learn more about how traditional Hardanger Cider is made and have three tastings. You will also have time to visit the farm shop in case you want to stock up on some new favorites. Afterward, a delicious homemade lunch will be served in historic Agatunet, where you will also have a short guided tour.

Explore more

You can take this tour as a day trip from Bergen, but we highly recommend spending some extra time in Hardanger! There are many beautiful hotels in Hardanger and several exciting activities you can do in the region.


Cider from Hardanger

The Hardanger area is known for fruit growing with apples, pears, plums, and cherries all flourishing and contributing 40% of all Norwegian fruit production each year. Cider from Hardanger has become a unique brand similar to Champagne from France, and tourists flock every summer to the lush landscape around the Hardangerfjord to taste the freshest batches from local cider producers.

The Hardangerfjord

The 179-kilometer-long Hardangerfjord offers scenery that will spellbind even the most well-traveled tourists, such as fjords, mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, and orchards. Here you will find scenic fjord villages nestled in tradition and heritage, but also modern industries, fish farms, and hydropower plants. This area has a rich industrial heritage and the focus on preserving the traditional way of life in combination with a progressive mindset makes the Hardangerfjord region a remarkable place. A visit to Hardanger will surely leave you with long-lasting impressions, as you travel through an area where cultural and natural gems seamlessly merge and abound.


Recommended activities during this tour

Please note that certain activities depends on season, availability and travel route. Some activities may require overnight stays during your tour.

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In the western part of Norway, you’ll find the idyllic region of Hardanger. In the summer months, the area is easily identified by fragrant floral blooms and blossoming fruit trees.

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“Imagine you're sitting on the jetty down by the ice-blue Hardangerfjord with a glass of pearly cider in your hand. Around you, the majestic mountains rise high above the fjord. You see the glacier Folgefonna, a multitude of waterfalls flowing down from snow-covered peaks, and all around you, there are apple trees in full bloom. That is the beauty of Hardangerfjord.” - Joar, Aga Sideri.


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