Norway in a nutshell®

This legendary tour takes you through Norway’s most breathtaking UNESCO-protected fjord and mountain scenery, as well as a trip on Europe’s top scenic rail journey.

Sognefjord in a nutshell™

Travel the waterway through the heart of the Norwegian fjord- and mountain landscape on the beautiful Sognefjord. This relaxing and extensive fjord experience also includes scenic train journeys with the Flåmsbana and Bergen Railway.

Photo: Fjord Tours

Hardangerfjord in a nutshell™

Experience the beautiful Hardangerfjord on a tour filled with varied and impressive highlights! This tour includes everything the Hardangerfjord area is known for; idyllic fjord landscapes, lush fruit farms producing world-famous ciders, mighty mountains, powerful glaciers, dramatic waterfalls, and the Hardangervidda mountain plateau.

Photo: Visit Hardangerfjord

UNESCO Geirangerfjord in a nutshell™

Experience breathtaking viewpoints, alpine mountains, and the hairpin bends of Norway's most scenic mountain pass Trollstigen. Cruise the UNESCO Geirangerfjord, explore the coastal town of Ålesund, and enjoy one of the most Instagram-friendly sceneries in all of Norway!

Lysefjord in a Nutshell™

Explore the famous Preikestolen rock formation while gliding through the water on a quiet electric fjord cruise on the majestic Lysefjord. Visit the charming city of Stavanger on the same tour!

Photo: Paul Edmundson

Lofoten Islands in a nutshell™

If you're looking for a unique holiday destination this summer, Lofoten is the place for you. On this self-guided tour, you will experience a vibrant coastal culture and breathtaking scenery in a sustainable way.

Photo: Tomasz Furmanek

Norway in a Nutshell®

Fjord Tours offers tours in Norway in one easy booking. You can choose from a wide range of tours exploring some of the most popular routes across this spectacular country. Looking for a long holiday or a short break? Fjord Tours sends you on your way with 1 ticket for your tours, activities and accommodation.

Our different tours combine beautiful fjord cruises with unforgettable train and bus journeys. Enjoy a day-trip or a longer trip with stops in fairytale villages along the way, and customize your trip to create your perfect Norwegian holiday. Experience easy and green travel with Fjord Tours - all year round!


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Combine 2 tours to see even more of Norway´s highlights. If you are struggling to choose a tour package, why not combine several? We´ve combined our most popular tours into epic round trips from Oslo and Bergen.


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Very grateful to them for making my vacation perfectly organized. Surely when I return back to Norway I will do more tours with them. 100% recommended.
Greg N Norway in a nutshell®
Super clear instructions from the tour company and a huge diversity of experiences all within a 10 hour day. The scenery is some of the best in the world.
Dave Z 5 stars on TripAdvisor


Need some inspiration?

Norway: Best In Travel 2022

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has visited, but Norway has been named as one of Lonely Planet’s best countries to travel to in 2022. With beautiful landscapes, fantastic winter sports, and incredible culture, this Scandinavian wonderland is perfect for anyone looking for a scenic getaway – or just to relax in one of the country’s many charming, historic towns and cities.

How to spend five days in Norway

In spite of the incredible attractions, it’s never easy to create a travel itinerary for Norway when you only have so much time available. After all, what can you afford to miss when there is so many interesting things to see and do?

Norway in a Nutshell® in 3 days

Do you find it difficult to customize and book your own tour and need some advice on how to do it? To help you in the planning, we have put together a three day package on the popular Norway in a Nutshell® tour including hotels and exciting activities.

Sognefjord in a Nutshell in 3 days

Want to spend more than one day on the Sognefjord in a Nutshell tour? Here you will find our recommendations and tips on how to make the most out of your Sognefjord adventure!

An active holiday in Geiranger

Have you ever wanted to experience the beauty of the true wilderness, far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern city living? Geiranger may be just the place for you – an idyllic place frozen in time, with sprawling nature that seems almost untouched by human hands. For those interested in an active holiday, Geiranger is just the ticket – here, a range of fun and active experiences are just waiting to be discovered.

Different Ways to Experience The Northern Lights

Experiencing the Northern Lights is one of the most amazing things you can do in nature. The colorful display that lights up the black sky is a truly awe-inspiring spectacles and will leave you with impressions and memories you will never forget! Luckily, Norway is a prime location for seeing these frail rays of beauty.